At Kenyon’s we love vintage jewelry. We love to buy vintage jewelry, we love to restore vintage jewelry and we love to sell vintage jewelry. Why are we so crazy over vintage jewelry?

  • It makes our inventory fun, unique, interesting and full of surprises.
  • For us, it makes every day an adventure in finding really great old jewelry for our store.
  • Our customers can always find something in our store that cannot be found anywhere else.

Stop in and see our unique offerings.  If you can’t make it in to see us, visit our online stores at Ruby Lane and Etsy.

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Selling Your Vintage Jewelry

Did you know that every day a little more of our history and culture dies a fiery death? Generations of wonderful, restorable vintage jewelry is melted, never to be worn again. Don’t let your cool vintage jewelry item be sent to the melting pot by the greedy, treasure hunting, gold buying, melt happy scrappers. Allow your jewelry to live on with a customer that will truly love and appreciate it. Kenyon’s will pay you a premium price, much higher than scrap, for desirable vintage jewelry to be restored and resold, or choose a consignment option to get the most money for those really special items.