Our Jewelry Repair Guarantee

Kenyon Jewelers has been involved in the jewelry repair business since 1924, and during this time, we have fixed literally hundreds of thousands of jewelry items of all descriptions. We take a great deal of pride in every repaired item that comes out of our workshop, and we are so confident in the quality of our work that we are extending to you a 6 month warranty on the repair we have completed on your jewelry item. If we feel we can not guarantee our work on a particular item due to manufacturing defects or extreme wear and tear, we will notify you of this fact before you leave the item with us.

Thank you for trusting your jewelry repair needs to Kenyon Jewelers.

Conditions of Warranty

  1. This warranty is extended to jewelry repair items repaired by our workshop and is not extended to watch repairs. Watch repairs are warranted differently by the entity that repairs them.
  2. All jewelry repairs picked up by the customer will be accompanied by a dated warranty receipt with a description of the item and nature of repair.
  3. Any repaired item returned to us to be redone must me accompanied with the warranty receipt so we can verify the nature, location and date of the original repair pick up. No warranty work will be performed without this receipt.
  4. Kenyon Jewelers reserves the right to refuse warranty work based on an item not matching the ticket either for location of repair or description of the item. Kenyon Jewelers also reserves the right to refuse warranty work if the item has been subjected to trauma or if the item is handled by the customer in an unnatural or careless manner such as sleeping in necklaces, bracelets or earring.
  5. Kenyon Jewelers reserves the right to not warranty a repair due to poor workmanship from the original manufacturer, poorly done repairs not done by Kenyon Jewelers or excessive wear and tear. If any of these conditions exist we will identify them at the time the repair is taken in.
  6. We can not warranty hollow rope chains or flex herringbone chains due to the fact they are very likely to break on either side of the repaired area.
  7. Our warranty stands in full for parts and labor for 180 days from the date of pick up.
  8. This policy takes effect Monday June 19th 2006, items left with us prior to this date are not subject to this Warranty.

Remember, we will only honor warranted repair work if a warranty receipt is presented to us upon return. This is your proof of the nature and location of the repair. It is meant to protect your best interest, so please keep your warranty receipt in a safe place.

We are happy to give you a copy of this warranty. Please ask your sales person for a copy.