Repair Tips

jewelry repair
Tips for keeping your jewelry out of the shop and other words of wisdom:

  1. Buy quality pieces of jewelry rather than quantity.
  2. Stay away from anything that is hollow especially chains.
  3. Do not sleep in your jewelry. This is the number one reason for chain breakage.
  4. Try accessorizing with your jewelry and switching it off with other pieces, not wearing the same items every day.
  5. Realize that if something looks delicate it probably is and handle it accordingly.
  6. While gold is a metal it is not like steel. Gold is soft and bends very easily.
  7. While extremely durable, platinum is not indestructible.
  8. Have expensive items checked for wear and tear regularly.
  9. What you may have paid for an item has no bearing on what it will cost to fix it. Take this into consideration before spending a lot of money fixing inexpensive items. You may want to consider replacing them instead.
  10. Just because an item is repaired does not mean it will never break again, especially in different spots.
  11. Remember, most jewelry sales personnel are on commission, and that includes repair work sales, so that free cleaning job at the mall could cost you a bundle.
  12. Oh yeah, remember always to shop at Kenyon Jewelers, and you won’t have to worry about any of this stuff.

Take this advice to heart, and you will have jewelry you can pass from one generation to the next.


jewelry repair
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